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4. the Sleep Traveler

The Sleep Traveler by Bob Miller

In 1971, Nick Reisender loses thousand of dollars gambling against a Chicago thug who’s become dangerously tired of waiting for payment. In desperation, Nick cons his way into a very high-paying job overseeing “Sleep Travelers” encased in cryogenic pods for a fifty-year journey. He only has to live underground for a year maintaining the archaic technology in an air-sealed chamber. Then he’ll have plenty of money to pay off his debts and purchase a big house for him and his new girlfriend, Joy.

As Nick discover the truth about the health of the so-called “travelers” in his care and the reason his friend has been absent for five months, his life-support fails.

When he wakes up staring into the eyes of the beautiful nurse Lucia, he’ll have to use all his gambling and cold-reading skills to see through her deceptions, and  to escape the murderous threats of her boss, KK MacBride, and to unravel the multi-leveled mystery of the underground community of Chrysalis Chronology.

Will Nick soon escape the dangerous hospitality of the evil son-of-a-Founder, MacBride, and see Joy again, or will it take him a lifetime?

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