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2. the Time Leaper

Tim Long thought he had the greatest memory in the world. But it was something else.

After discovering he has Chronesthesia, the power of mental time travel, he’s hired by a secretive company to transport messages to the past.

He gets paid so much money, he doesn’t question the morality of the encoded messages he delivers, until his time trips have personal consequences.

With the help of a new friend, Tim must extricate himself from the grip of a company that threatens Fatal Termination for employees who quit, while fighting against another, more powerful, Time Leaper who has a personal mission to kill him and his friends.

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Find the hidden Easter Eggs in The Time Leaper:
There are more than 30 titles of movies, books, and TV episodes that deal with time. Can you find them all?
Chapter 1:
next – page 3 [movie]
source code – page 4 [movie]
Chapter 2:
primer – page 14 [movie]
continuum – page 14 [movie]
Chapter 4:
11:01 – page 22 [movie]
frequency – page 24 [movie]
Chapter 5:
rewinder – page 32 [novel]
timeline – page 33 [movie]
Chronesthesia – page 34 [movie]
Chapter 10:
Run, Lola, Run – page 73 [movie]