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3. the Proxy Agent

Valentino Harris has a secret power. 
He can push his consciousness into another person’s body and wear it like a costume, making them do whatever he wants. It’s a secret only his girlfriend knows about. So, as a rebellious teenager, he uses his special power to take revenge on mean classmates and disrupt his hated History class by taking over the teacher’s body. 

For 18 years he’s been angry that his unknown father abandoned him before he was born. So, when a secretive company learns of his power and offers him a new car and lots of money to use his powers for their own evil agenda, he’s happy to oblige. 

But after helping the company to spy, steal, and kill, he begins to question his goals. Working for the company also takes a personal toll on his relationship with his mother and with his girlfriend. 

When he learns this evil company is the source of his special powers and may be the reason his father is missing, he decides to escape their control. 

But Chrysalis Chronology would rather kill than allow a rogue employee to quit. 

The Proxy Agent is a thrilling adventure of a young man in 1990, searching for his own personal identity while he interchanges his life with strangers only to finally discover answers in his rejected past.

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