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Chrysalis Chronology, inc.

An epic conflict from 2050 to 1931 and back.

The Five Founders of Chrysalis Chronology, inc seeded the unsuspecting population of the United States with genetic aberrations which will propagate throughout the country. These ‘Chromers’ are coerced and enticed into helping the evil company to grow into the richest, most powerful entity on earth.

The ultimate goal is to transform the country like a catepiller to a butterfly into their own concept of utopia: a totalitarian state controlled by them. The transformation takes place while the Five Founders sleep in Chrysalis Chambers for a hundred years to finally awaken like gods to oversee their creation.

But Angel Wainwright doesn’t know about her grandfather’s evil plans. She rejects his riches and just wants to help the poor, unwed mothers who’ve been abandoned by society. When her father disappears, and secrets from the past destroy her present, she’s forced to go into the only direction remaining to her, the unknown future. Will she find love or more heartache?

It’s the final conflict between Michael Shale and his team, the unwilling victims of genetic manipulation, against the megalomaniacs who will let nothing stop their domination, not even time.

To be released in 2024.